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Hundreds of years ago, the Italian bel canto school of singing identified the principles and process that build a healthy voice with long-lived career potential. These principles form a universal foundation for all singers who aspire to their very best skill and artistry. The elements of this foundation are:

The process by which these elements are assembled into an effective technique is a unique path for every singer. For many aspiring singers a consistent, dependable sound is often an elusive goal. However, there is an approach to establish a confident, dependable sound and singing technique, whether the style be classical, operatic, music theater, jazz, rock, or pop music.

Combining an effective knowledge of human physiology, a deep understanding of principles of the Italian bel canto school, and a keen empathic sense, I work with singers' and actors' unique vocal gifts and challenges to build strong and healthy vocal function, optimal resonance, and to enhance natural beauty. I can offer deep understanding of operatic, art song, and music theater repertoire gained from many years' experience in performance, study, and teaching.

Using a physically balanced, athletic approach to technique, and with appropriate song repertoire, my students work to carefully and thoroughly build a well supported voice to develop confidence and ease.

My goals are to impart to my voice students, whether aspiring or established professionals, a well-rounded practical knowledge and physical experience of their voices and repertoire, to instill a deep love and respect for a culture of excellence in vocal performance, and to better serve its artists, students, teachers, and supporters in the community.


What: Voice Technique and Coaching: Classical, Opera, Music Theater

When:  By appointment

Where: At my home studio or other location in Manhattan, New York City. 




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